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Dr. Anand A. Shroff

1. Dr Anand Shroff is among the First users of the Wavelight Laser

2. Longest experience in LASIK compared to most surgeons since 1997.

3. Among first users of Contoura LASIK

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What is Contoura vision?

Contoura Vision LASIK is the first personalized laser eye procedure, It is offered by the Alcon – Wavelight Laser Company only. It is an additional profile or software applied to their excimer laser which offers Topography linked treatment.

This can only be applied provided the doctor/centre is using the Topolyser Vario which is a diagnostic equipment for topography maps, which is then integrated into the laser. Contoura LASIK is a topography-guided link procedure, which has received US FDA approval

It has more advantage for those patients with corneal abnormalities (high cylindrical powers) or those with corneal imperfections.

The benefit is that it offers improved night vision and the most accurate LASIK results as compared to standard LASIK, but for that specific set of cases.

The Contoura platform combines the measurements with your glass prescription to optimize the focusing area. This procedure helps you by creating a highly personalized treatment plan.

Difference between Blade & Bladeless Contoura Vision LASIK

Wavelight 500 Hz Excimer Laser by Alcon

This is the only laser that performs Contoura Vision Blade & Bladeless LASIK

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Why Choose Shroff Eye Hospital Mumbai

Certified by JCI

The first and only Eye Hospital in India certified by the American Joint Commission International [JCI]-the Gold Standard in healthcare, from JCAHO, USA

Accurate Results

Engineer trained from Germany runs checks before every treatment, which ensures accurate results.

Your Safety

Our LASIK treats myopia as high as -12.00D and astigmatism -6.00D safely (depending on your corneal thickness)

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