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We perform Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery And Computer Assisted Cataract Surgery

Dr Anand Shroff and Dr Rahul Shroff our Surgeons with over 22 years of experience in cataract treatment

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You may have a cataract if you have the following symptoms, esp if age is above 50 + years:

How to confirm a cataract diagnosis?

Only a dilated eye examination done by an eye doctor (not optician) can diagnose a cataract, its grade or severity and if one can wait or should consider surgery immediately.

What is the Treatment?

It is always surgery. No eye drops or medicines treat or delay a cataract. However today cataract surgery is advanced that anesthesia is in eye drops and there are no stitches. Advanced equipments are being used to make the surgery safe and successful. Computer Assisted programs and Lasers are currently being used in cataract surgery.

What is the lens in cataract?

Cataract occurs as clouding in the natural lens of our eyes and hence this lens needs to be replaced by an IOL (Intra Ocular Lens). There are many types of IOLs available today. At Shroff Eye we only use the best lenses available from International companies.

Which method is best for cataract surgery?

The method today all over the world even if the centre calls it 'Laser Cataract surgery' is Phacoemulsification. Till date there is NO LASER which removes the entire cataract! A Laser today (ie. Femtosecond laser) only makes incisions or cuts or breaks in the lens, however removal is only done by Phacoemulsification not any laser. Computer Assisted Technology today, makes the insertion of lens placement very accurate for post surgery results.

Then what is the advantage of laser?

Currently, none which replaces the other methods available under hands of an expert. Plus it adds a huge cost for just making incisions and not for removal of the cataract. Until a Laser offers a distinct advantage to our patients, we do not recommend it. As of today a laser is being used for steps which give no difficulty or have an insignificant impact during the surgery. The main steps which would give rise to complications or impact vision would be steps involving lens removal and insertion of foldable lens which is NOT being done by any laser, not even the Femto Laser! Hence, one wonders if it is worth paying extra for these simple steps!

What factors should I focus on when undergoing a cataract surgery?

The expertise of the surgeon and credibility of the hospital, then on the IOL or lens being used which would give you advantages post surgery in vision. This mainly depends on what IOL is best suited for your eye data and lifestyle. Also on being in good health mainly diabetes being in good control as it affects recovery.

What is the latest in cataract surgery?

Computer Assisted Cataract Surgery (CACS) definitely has benefits as it helps in positioning the IOL as manual markings are replaced by computer. This helps in better visual outcomes if lens is placed in proper position.

Lens Implants available at Shroff Eye:

Standard IOLs

Premium IOLs

Why Choose Shroff Eye Hospital Mumbai

Certified by JCI

The first and only Eye Hospital in India certified by the American Joint Commission International [JCI]-the Gold Standard in healthcare, from JCAHO, USA

Accurate Results

Using advanced technology such as Computer Assisted Cataract Surgery (CACS) gives precise lens placements hence better visual results post surgery.

Your Safety

The surgery is made safer by using local/ topical anesthesia (eye drops), no stitches, quick recovery in the hands of expert surgeons using advanced cataract surgery equipment.