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Welcome to Shroff Eye Hospital Mumbai

We perform 6 types of Laser Eye Treatments with 2 of the world's best lasers

The Wavelight 500 Hz laser + The Visu Max Zeiss Laser

Dr Anand Shroff is our Refractive Surgeon with over 22 years of experience in laser eye treatment

Talk to our Team via whatsApp !



Talk to our Team via whatsApp !


ReLEx SmILE is the latest laser eye procedure

ReLex (Smile and Flex)

SMILE', short for 'Small Incision Lenticular Extraction' is NO FLAP, NO PAIN, QUICK RECOVERY, and fully computer operated by the femtosecond laser. This new technique, is only possible with the Visumax femtosecond laser by Carl Zeiss, and is the least invasive therapy possible these days.

Can all refractive errors be corrected with ReLEx SMILE?

ReLEx SmILE can correct Myopia and Astigmatism.

Hypermetropia (Plus Power) and Presbyopia cannot be corrected with this procedure.

Why do we need SMILE when other procedures are doing fine?

SmILE is FLAPLESS. No flap means

Am I a suitable candidate?

Most of the patients suitable for conventional LASIK can also be treated with ReLEx SmILE. You have to consult our ophthalmologist, Dr Anand Shroff for a detailed examination.

Check if your suitable

How many ReLex SMILE surgeries are done till date by Dr. Anand Shroff?

We have been doing ReLEx SmILE surgeries since early 2013 and we do about a minimum 20 Laser eye treatments per week. This number is only increasing as more and more people are getting aware of this safe technology. To give you an example, when we offer a choice between LASIK / SmILE to any patient over 90% choose the SmILE procedure.

Is SMILE accurate?

YES. It is not just highly accurate but also highly predictable. There is no tissue distortion. Comparison studies with LASIK show better results.

What is the cost of ReLEx SmILE laser eye surgery?

Cost of laser eye procedure will vary from center to center, and this is determined by what technology and expertise of the surgeon they offer you. We would like to know the following information to help us understand the type of treatment applicable for you by filling and submitting the above form and accordingly cost or fees applicable will be shared with you.


2.Current Refraction (spectacle numbers)

3.Lifestyle - outdoor, computers etc / profession

4.Any significant medical or eye history

5.An eye report / tests done: - please scan and email the same

This will enable us to know the eligibility for the procedure, before visiting us, although the final check with our Refractive surgeon, Dr Anand Shroff will determine all of these as well.

Below are the other types of Laser eye treatment that we perform:

Why Choose Shroff Eye Hospital Mumbai

Certified by JCI

The first and only Eye Hospital in India certified by the American Joint Commission International [JCI]-the Gold Standard in healthcare, from JCAHO, USA

Accurate Results

Engineer trained from Germany runs checks before every treatment, which ensures accurate results.

Your Safety

Our LASIK treats myopia as high as -12.00D and astigmatism -6.00D safely (depending on your corneal thickness)