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Shroff Eye Hospital is India's First Eye Hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (USA) since 2006. Shroff Eye is also India's first and only Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz LASIK center. Shroff Eye has stood for excellence in eye care since 1919. A firm commitment to quality is at the heart of all services provided at our centers at Bandra(W) and Marine Drive, Mumbai.


It is not uncommon to have lumps / growths on the eyelids or around the eyes. The cause may vary from simple lesions such as skin tags/ cysts/ pigmentation to dangerous lesions such as tumours / cancer.

It is therefore necessary to have an Oculoplastic specialist examine the condition.

Those present on the face and near the eyes, are a common cosmetic concern, and may even cause symptoms such as watering/ discomfort/ visual obstruction. They are usually easily removable under local anesthesia, but great attention needs to be paid to ensure no structural damage or undue cosmetic blemish is caused.

Dr Sneha Shah, our Oculoplastic surgeon has vast experience in treating these lesions both surgically and

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