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Shroff Eye Hospital

Shroff Eye Hospital is India's First Eye Hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (USA) since 2006. Shroff Eye is also India's first and only Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz LASIK center. Shroff Eye has stood for excellence in eye care since 1919. A firm commitment to quality is at the heart of all services provided at our centers at Bandra(W) and Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Dr. C N Shroff established the Shroff Eye Hospital in 1919, on his return from London. Dr. Ashok Shroff started practice in 1962 He was one of the ophthalmologists in the country to perform modern retinal surgeries with the use of implants. Cryosurgery for retinal detachment and cataract was started by him in 1968. From 1973, introduction of a number of new techniques in eye care – Fundus Fluorescein Angiography, Xenon arc photocoagulation, the precursor of the argon laser, microscopic cataract surgery vitrectomy were set up by him. In 1983,
Liked the warmth and professionalism and the support and encouragement during surgery. ALL employees are amazing. Keep it up! Maintain / Sustain / Retain
Monika Uberoi
Liked the ambience and hygiene and the courteous staff. The doctor inspired a lot of confidence. The whole team was excellent.
Devinder Durga
You have a very good, clean, hygienic facility. Wonderful, trained, accommodative staff. Entire staff are all very polite. Very informative and helpful experience. Everybody does a wonderful job!!! Please keep up the efforts.
Amazing facility, awesome cleanliness and helpful nature of all staff is incredible. Thank you for making the operation sound and look easy. Stay this way and you will never go below No.1.Yes, will undoubtedly recommend your services.
Ashok Peswani
The surgery of Dr. Anand was so clean and expert. You will not believe but my mother was not ready for her right eye operation after her bad experience of left eye surgery with an inexperience doctor in 2005 that took about 55 minutes and after 1 year she even loss her vision. She is a diabetic and blood pressure patient and I was scare to find the Best Doctor in India.
Many thanks for your kind reply to my message, I appreciate that. Of course you have wide experience in terms of eye treatments as a whole and research, which I used to tell people about it. For example, some of the guys that I came with for the first time in 1991, and by the way it was the first time to me coming to India where some people were about to take us to different doctor.
Saif Salem Al-dewaiki
I don’t have words enough to ‘thanks’ both of you, for the wonderful job had done, by the way of cataract operation on my right eye. Now everything is better and brighter for me to see Gods wonderful creation. The ‘Tonic’ of your personal phone calls in the evening to enquire about my welfare.
Jang Seth
My very sincere thanks to all of you, for the highly professional way you attended and dealt with my problem. I felt confident, right from the start that I was in safe hands. Needless to say, I will have no hesitation in recommending you, and have already done so.
S Vincent
Thanks! For being so nice to me & making me feel comfortable. You are the best, a doctor could be.
I had developed recently a cataract in my left eye and then into the right eye. It had developed so quickly that I was almost unable to see anything even with magnifying glasses. I heard of a recent development in the treatment of cataract in USA but implanting a multifocal lens in the eye to replace the bad one.
Dr. Faisal Sajwani
I have to state that I got operated for my right eye cataract on 26/09/2007 and was fully satisfied and impressed by the latest technology available. The pre and post operation, treatment and guidance were excellent and operating Dr. Ashok Shroff personally enquired on the next day of operation about my eye health.
Aziz Merchant
We liked everything. The efficient and genial staff, made everything so smooth and relaxed.
Raageshwari & Trilok Loomba
It was indeed a privilege to put MY eyes in your hands & care. You’ve done a great job. Our family will always remember you. Wish you all the success.
Anany, Anupam & Seema Agarwal
Momentous day, in a way. Couldn’t have imagined I’d be watching a close relative’s eye surgery as it took place – no, not in the O.T. but from an adjoining room, on a TV monitor that was recording each procedure. Dr. Ashok Shroff is one of the best ophthalmic surgeons in India, with impeccable credentials. It was a privilege watching him operate with such elegance and lightness of touch.
Beena Thuthija
All employees are very timely, trained and always ready to explain all procedure in detail. We even received birthday wish card form hospital by email. Very time approach for doctor patient relationship.
Dr. Jyoti Mehta
Hi Dr. Anand, We have reached home safely, and mum is recovering well from the cataract surgery. Hoping to go for her glasses end of January. Thanks a million for your exceptional services and kindness.Take care and Best rgds,
Farzana Tanzania
We know this hospital since about 30 years from Marine Drive and are fully satisfied. The whole staff is excellent and don’t know the individual name of the staff. The services and the courtesy from the hospital staff were excellent.
Reema Gurnani
Everything was wonderful and best of all. All employees right from the lift man to the senior staff all were extremely courteous and helpful.
Asha Kothari
Everything is very good. Please keep it up. The nurse was always helpful to the patient and family and also telephoned about the appointment. The housekeeping staff for helping the invalid patient and providing support and help when needed even security is very helpful.
Kiran Mishra
I appreciate the courtesy and friendliness of staff. Patience in explaining our doubts and queries. Keep up the efforts of letting us have all the details regarding the procedures and options.
John B Coutinho
I liked the soothing colors, cleanliness, promptness on part of staff taking allergy test of anesthesia before operation. The nursing staff has been very good.
Arvind Dukle
I would like to tell other persons suffering the same to come to Shroff Hospital. All employees served us with a smile, maximum care and advice friendly attitude.
Mohd. Rufiullah
Compared to other private hospitals, your services are quite good. I think your purpose is very well served and would like to thank you for the same.
Gangdhar Tambake, 30/07/2010
It was well organized and efficiently managed. Staff response on the telephone was very good.
Fatima Colaco
Our sincere gratitude to all concerned employees who have catered to my father during his stay here.
Jitendra Kaul
Very professional approach, customer centric attitude of staff. Sister was warm and extremely understanding to patient.
Narain Ajwani
I liked everything about my visit and disliked no part of it. I will like to compliment all the employees. I am totally satisfied with the service rendered to me. You exceeded my expectations.
Okoronkwo Tochi
Very well handled. Staff was very kind took the time and effort out to explain the procedure.
Suresh Chainani
I liked the setup. Very clear and very professional. The nurses took excellent care.
Ashraf Biran
We liked watching the actual surgery on the screen along with the explanation provided by the nurse.
Sandhya Kothari
I liked the ambience. I didn’t feel it’s a clinic or a hospital.
Suman Anand
There are no dislikes, everything is good. The doctor and the whole staff are excellent. Keep up the good service and the warm gesture. Much satisfied with way the whole process of surgery was carried out.
Rusi Debara
Everyone whether in Marine Drive Clinic or Bandra Hospital deserves all the appreciations for their effort to make the flow of patient’s appointments and related check up smooth and well organized.
Al – Dewaiki
Professional approach to medical issues, as opposed to sales talk.
Gerald Menon
There is no wastage of time. Staff is very clear with instructions. All the employees are prompt, efficient and understanding.
Baby Kurien
Good care, very clean atmosphere, very satisfied. All staffs are very sweet and helpful.
Lalit Shah
Very good experience, Hassle- free procedures. Couldn’t ask for anything more, everything is Perfect! Recommendable!
Monika Parmar
Personal attention given by doctor & the staffs, very polite & co-operative staffs. Sister Aarti, very polite & courteous. Rupali- very polite & courteous. You are the best in the Town…. Keep it going.
Mrs Anupama Naik
The doctor & the staffs are extremely soft spoken. Sisters were very pleasant & wonderful. Stay the way you are –Excellent & professional Team! For sure your services are recommendable.
Rashmi Hegde
We know this hospital since, about 30yrs from Marine Drive and are fully satisfied. The whole staff at Bandra & Marine Drive is just excellent. And the Services are excellent! The staff services & the courtesy from the hospital were very excellent.
Reema Gurnani
I Will definitely recommend Shroff Eye Hospital as it is an event for me to help the society and needy people in better way for their health.
Mr Rajaram Talgaonkar
It is my pleasure here to convey to you the appreciation of Abdullah and his family for the support and cooperation that they received from you while they were in Bombay. Of course special thanks go to doctor Anand who was the operating doctor for Mr. Abdullah, and as well to you for making all appointments wither at Bandra hospital or marine drive clinic, or even with other doctors. From me as well many thanks to you and to all Shroffeye team. My best regards,
Saif Salem Al-dowaiki
The service provided was excellent! I felt SAFE in the hands of doctor. All employees were very good. Definitely above expectations & recommendable.
Rajani Bhatt
There is nothing & always having a confident to get a quality treatment. All employees deserve compliments. I am connected with you since, 20-25years and till date it had been a quality experience. And of course for eyes it should be Shroff Eye!
Hema Golecha
Efficient, quick service. Facilities were clean & pleasant. General staff was courteous & accommodating. Patient was comfortable. Had everything he needed. Good TeamJ Most definitely, I came to you remembering your dad, Dr Ashok, who had operated my mother (Savita T.) my niece, (Ruchika T.).
Bhagwan Khilnani
Well done! Renowned Bonus to everyone! God Bless All. ‘’Jai Shree Krishnan’’ Hari-Om… we arrived through sister who has worked with Dr Shroff (senior) for last 14years in Jaslok Hospital. Everything is professionally handled & maintained. ‘Marketing Agency’ is writing good communication standards everywhere. Everyone is well trained. Just maintain it. I keep recommending to everyone, wherever we go.
Dr Rajkumar Pahuja
Dr. Abha, After complements, Yesterday 06/12/11 the guys came back home with a wide smile, and of course with many thanks and appreciation to Dr. Rahul who has met them on last day at Marine drive and told them that their eyes are fine and they can go back home comfortably. Of course not to forget Doctor Anand who has operated their eyes, and special thanks go to him for operating Mohammed’s left eye and accepting my request. Operation of this eye has added a special credit to the patient impression about Shroff Hospital since this eye has been declared here in Oman and as well in Dubai of
Saif Salem Al-dowaiki
Dear Safala, I got back to USA on Dec.13th and thought of writing a few kind words towards the treatment I received while I was there for the cataract surgery. My deepest appreciation to Dr. Shroff and his staff. My recovery has been excellent and my gratitude goes to you all. Thank You, Warm Regards,
Nayana Thaker
Liked the ambience & care of the Doctor and the courtesy of the staff. All employees very efficient. And doctor has definitely fulfilled my expectations.
Vijaya Iyer
Let me use this medium to thank you and Mary for being so kind and dutiful. Please, tell Mary that I appreciate her kindness to which I am grateful. Thank you for your good care and the warmth of your staff and the efficiency of Dr Anand Shroff who greatly impressed me. I will mention to you one or two observations when I visit. My very warm greetings and appreciation.Regards,
Denis Etaluku
Professionalism in all areas is commendable. I would like to compliment Aarti for her patience to explain medications. Sustain the current level. Just above my expectations.
Shalini Walawalkar
Dear Dr. A Shroff, Firstly, let me thank you for wishing my wife a happy birth day and to use the opportunity to inform you that we both arrived home safely and in good health. Secondly, let me appreciate you and your wonderful services to humanity. Your humility, kind disposition, your neat clean appearance and your reassuring expressions of good, excellence and wonderful at times of post examination are themselves healing. To me, you are a wonderful personality and an superlatively excellent in your profession. Your competence and confidence is always exhibited when you talk to a patient an
High Chief Denis Etaluku
Dear Dr Shroff, I must thank you very much for giving me personal attention and operating on my right eye cataract on Monday 4th April 2012. The recovery was uneventful. The whole set up I saw and experienced is excellent. God Bless you, sir! Sincerely,
Dr Dhanji Patel
Loved the quality of treatment, staffs & cleanliness in everything is excellent. Its team work & every member of team including nurses’ staff, ward boy, TV operator, and doctor, everyone I would like to thank. You can make Shroff Eye more advert sable so everyone knows about Shroff Clinic, other service is excellent.
Mayor N Bhoir
The whole process was well organized. Happy that I was in the best of hands. Sister Aarti, helping us with everything. Perfect instructions with a calm & smiling face. Service is excellent & above expectations!
Dr Vasant Tikekar
Dislike is out of Question!! Patient Room is very clean. The whole environment is fresh. Employees are soft spoken and warm. Doctor’s way of conversing with patient is by itself very healing! Both nurses were very good. We trust your service and improvements henceforth.
Mrs Zubeda Retiwala
The efficiency. Also, the fact that everything was available under one roof – consultation, testing, treatment, etc. great! Keep it up! Employees have been helpful all the time. No need to improve, you have been improving.
Ingrid Arthur
Patient education was excellent & well explained. The services, checkups were worth every penny. We would like to thank Dr Shroff as he explained well on the 1st visit. All the employees were great! Communication skills –excellent! Nurses-very patient, courteous & understanding. I have got more than expected. I want to highly recommend Shroff Eye.
Dr. Linnet Serrao
Everything is always ‘Simply Perfect’’ at Shroff Eye Hospital. All the staff here are always courteous & very helpful. We are indebted to each one. Your service is Par Excellence!
Raju Bakshi
The entire process was very smooth & we are very pleased with Dr Anand Shroff. All nursing staffs helped us and were very polite, very patiently answered our queries. Absolutely, shall recommend your services to all without thinking twice.
Pawan Goyal
Excellent service, warm, homely nature of the staff- Sr Fernandes, Sr Divya and Ms Neelam who were extremely warm and affectionate. I do not see a need for any improvement, this is the best… and you have fulfilled my expectations.I shall be happy to recommend Dr Shroff to all my friends & family.
Fathesingh Rane
Your reputation has influenced me here. Everything, including the surgical procedure, also, pre & post operative was wonderful. The 8pm call by Dr Anand Shroff was the Icing on the Cake! Yes, all staffs are worth complementing and also Dr Anand Shroff. You are the best I have ever known. Dr Anand A. Shroff, may God bless…all your organization to alternate sufferings.
Zinoo Master
We have been referred by a family friend. The staff was very helpful. You also take care to maintain hygiene. The patient guiadance is wonderful. Excellent service. We don’t find any deficiencies. From my heart you have fulfilled my expectations.
Sushil Patkar
Dear Dr Anand, We offer you our grateful thanks for the kind courtesy and professional care taken before, during and after the eye operations. May God bless you with continued professional competence even when you reach our age. With Kind Regards, Yours very sincerely,
Mr & Mrs Chand Puri
Liked the professional approach which was ‘HUMANE’ in nature. Keep it up! Yes & exceeded expectations.
Dinyar Madam
Brochure gave the details about the procedure. So is the various documents provided to us. Excellent medical care. Doctors are excellent. Services are fine.
Ramesh Mande
Respected Dr. Anand Whose healing Touch makes all the difference. I must give you YOU BIG THANKS ! Behalf of my rakhihi brother, Mr. Manoher Rathod. Who was unable to go through his Cataract operation 15 years, unknowingly surfing . But I brought for check up and you Immediately took decision and give all the help that you can. After operation now he can see bright Blue Sky. He is 82,giving Blessing to all , Shroff hospital and all Doctors and Staff also. Once again thank you very much
Mrs Jaya Mehta
The hospital hygiene levels and ambience is fantastic including the background music. Certainly recommendable.
Dinesh Sharma
Excellent is always is. A pleasure to be with Dr Anand. Yes, fulfilled my expectations. We were dealing in safe hands. Most defiantly recommendable.
Saurabh Gupta
Got a new set of eyes – Literally Was operated upon for cataract – first the right eye 5 weeks ago and then the left eye on 21st May 2013. Operated by Dr Anand Shroff – the experience for the first time ever operation in my life was wonderful and everything went very very smoothly – Even with eyes not functioning properly, I could see through the IPL fixing and had absolutely no interest in watching cricket since last approximately 10 years – But our country is taken for a ride every day by crooks in every field EVERYDAY. AND I f
Mr. Indur Chhugani
I am Fr. Brian Moras sdb a Don Bosco priest from Mumbai currently doing my further studies in Masters in Theology at Bangalore. I had come once to your clinic with Fr. Oscar Tuscano sdb and had a good experience. Praying that you reach out to many who are in need of good eye care. Praying for your success. Warm affection
Fr. Brian sdb
Nothing to dislike! Everyone of your staff are most polite, courteous & Efficient – we were impressed! Certainly recommendable.
Mrs Cynthia Viegas
Courteous, well mannered staffs. Aarti & Neelam sisters- special compliments. Excellent services.
Mrs. Nishita R Sankhe
The atmosphere is friendly & visiting area very comfortable. Would like to compliment Sr. Fernandes for her bedside manner. Mr Javer for his kindness to the patient.
Saloni Sachdev
Saurabh was operated for Cataract operation five years back & because of the successful operation a best treatment given, we have come back to you esteemed hospital. General cleanliness & hygiene is superb. No need to improve. Everything is fine. Certainly recommendable.
Mrs Mehroo Pavri
We liked the overall upkeep of the facility. The equipment & the state of the art procedures.
N A Yegnaram (Nurani)
Visit was totally perfect. No need improvement at all 100% perfect. 100% fulfilled our expectations. Would love to recommend you – 200%. And Dr Anand Shroff is very very good.
Felicia Doshi
Thanks for giving me a new vision..
Prof Dr Satish Pai
One stop shop for eye care from pathlab to surgery. Would like to compliment Ms Mary- for her willingness & knowledge. Sunita for attention, care & Aarti for her proactiveness, explaining the process and the timeline. Overall our expectations are fully satisfied.
Harsha Amarnani
Staff courtesy, cleanliness and most of all, the Doctor, who didn’t feel like doctor but more of a friend. All employees deserve compliments from ground floor to the 4th floor. I love the smile on them. Thank you all. J this is our 1st visit, but we are more than happy with services provided. Will recommend your services for sure.
Maya Premchand
The staff is friendly and caring. Appreciate the Doctor taking time out to follow-up with a call. All of the employees were very helpful.
Varsha Wadhwani
Well maintained hospital. Well trained staffs. Every employee found to be nice. We are quite satisfied. Well done, keep it up! With best wishes,
Munaf H Dandekar
I liked the transperancy on medical advice and procedures.
Dr. Tanuja Gore
Dear Drs. Shroff, Many thankd for your kind Divali greetings.May God bless you and all your staff for the good work you are doing for people in need. I’m having my eyes attended to here in Nashik, where I have been posted.
Fr. Emil D’Cruz, S.J.
Dear Dr Anand Shroff, “Loved the experience. Many thanks to you and your team for performing a miracle on my eyes.”
Daisy Paul
I could have had my cataracts attended to in the UK, but the cost, as compared with the cost in India was very high so I preferred to have the job done in my home town, Bombay. How does one decide which clinic is the best? I dowsed and drew up a short list, asked a friend in Bombay for feedback and Shroff Eye Clinic came out on top. We drove there straight from the airport and my first impression of the reception area was CHAOS. However, once I got past this hurdle all my apprehensions were dispelled when I saw the cleanliness and professionalism. Various tests were done prior to the actual
Sidney Vincent
Efficient, organized process of admission, surgery (Cataract) and discharge. All the staff were supportive & friendly. As of now yes absolutely fulfilled my expectations. And definitely I shall recommend to my friends.
Mr Hiren M.
Excellent service. Keep going. The surgery was a superb experience. Doctor is brilliant and very friendly. I would recommend your services 100%
Malcolm Pastakia
We liked the doctor and the way he imposed confidence on us. Liked the cooperativeness extended by the doctor and his staff. The doctor is exemplary. We are impressed with your service as we have flown down from Bhubaneswar (Odisha) to get treated here and are completely satisfied. We are happy to recommend your services
Madhumita P Nayak
Excellent facilities, caring nature of the staff made us feel very comfortable and confident. Am fully satisfied with your service. My expectations were 100% fulfilled! I will definitely recommend your services.
Ms Harini Pai
hank you so much for everything. Appreciate it! All staff were very supportive and helpful. PS – A special thank you to the person who held my aunt’s hand during the operation…
Tasneem S A Porbunderwala
Good hygiene, easy accessibility to staff & doctor, Sr Arti patiently answered all our queries over the phone and during the visit.
Shwetal Lakhani
The hospital visit is just like a visit to a 5 star hotel. I will definitely recommend your services
Padma Sanghrajka
The hygiene and the staff and doctors communication towards the patients is excellent.
Sana Ahmed
Things happened pretty much on time unlike other hospitals. The look, feel and cleanliness was great. The interaction with the doctor was very good.
Danish Bhagat
I liked the cleanliness in the hospital and that the doctor follows up with the patient personally, the same evening. The nurse is very friendly and explained the procedure well.
Manoj Jatekar
The operation was successfully completed without any complications. We liked the cleanliness, hygiene and pleasant conditions provided inside the premises. Would like to compliment the nurse for giving timely advice and proper guidance at every step. Also appreciate the expertise in providing treatments.
Prakash Joshi
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