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Shroff Eye Hospital is India's First Eye Hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (USA) since 2006. Shroff Eye is also India's first and only Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz LASIK center. Shroff Eye has stood for excellence in eye care since 1919. A firm commitment to quality is at the heart of all services provided at our centers at Bandra(W) and Marine Drive, Mumbai.


How much does the LASIK procedure cost?

Your sight is too important to take unnecessary risks.

You may wonder why we do not have a wide range of fees or LASIK cost displayed on the website like some laser centers. That’s easy. We only do LASIK one way, the way we would want it done for our own family members, many of whom we already have.

Q.2 How will I know if LASIK is suitable for me? And of all the types of laser eye surgery, which is best for me?

Ans. The primary objective of the consultation with Dr Anand Shroff, our LASIK surgeon, is to determine that whether you are a candidate for laser vision correction (LASIK), and if so, which procedure is most appropriate for you.

If i clear the tests, is the procedure safe and will it pose any problems in future? will i get a cataract or any other eye problem due to LASIK?

The LASIK procedure has been tested for a long time and over a million people undergo this procedure every year. Many published data proves that it does not have any long term effects. Dr Shroff is a very particular surgeon. He will not advise LASIK for you if he has the slightest doubt about its results.

I have read about dry eyes and night vision issues after LASIK? what are they?

I do appreciate your concerns about the procedure. These are your healthy normal eyes we are talking about! That is why we use the finest technology and deliver successful results! What may help is visiting some sites like the US FDA website.

I am not from India. What is the total time taken for the surgery, resting peroid, when can i fly back? When can i can work?

If planned well, you do not need more than 3-4 days in total. If from out of Mumbai city and we plan that if Day 1 is the consultation with Dr Anand Shroff and Day 2 is the procedure (e.g. Friday and Saturday, then you may leave Mumbai on Tuesday).

How is Shroffeye LASIK different from other centers offering LASIK?

We are very pleased to offer you the finest, most individualized laser vision correction existing today, not available anywhere else in India. Instead of a ‘sales call’, it starts with a careful evaluation and concern of the health of your eyes, visual needs, and lifestyle.

Is LASIK safe?

LASIK has been recognized by the US FDA as safe, proven and effective treatment for correcting refractive errors.

Can I have both eyes done at the same time?

Yes. Most surgeons perform LASIK on both eyes at the same time.

Does the LASIK procedure hurt?

You won’t feel pain during LASIK as the procedure is performed under anesthetic eye drops. Rarely, pain medication may be prescribed after the procedure. Most patients report no more than mild discomfort for a few hours post LASIK.

How long does LASIK take?

The laser treatment itself usually takes less than a minute, while the entire procedure takes approximately 5-7 minutes per eye.

How do I know if I’m eligible for laser vision correction?

Our LASIK specialist will help you decide after your examination. However, we follow these general guidelines:

When can I go back to work?

Most people who have LASIK return to work in a day or two.

Are there any side effects?

The safety and success of the procedure for numbers depends a lot on the laser used, the experience of the surgeon and hence it is very important for you to learn more about the advantages for you with our advanced technology, we face no side effects that you read about such as night vision issues, surgical complications etc.

How many checkups will I need after LASIK?

You will be seen the next day and further visits as per the doctor’s advice. We recommend an annual visit. If from out of Mumbai, please discuss your appointment schedule with our doctor.

Will LASIK also treat my reading or near numbers completely?

No. LASIK only treats distant (far) powers. I know that you have must have read some information on LASIK, however, specific to the age of over 40 years, there are some age related issues such as presbyopia. LASIK will be advised to you not just from the examination findings, but also after understanding your lifestyle.

I have a thin cornea, am I really a good candidate as my corneas are thin?

A good candidate comes from our LASIK tests or the LASIK evaluation. We use the Pentacam Occulyzer which checks 25,000 points on the cornea.

Thin corneas usually do not pose a problem for us as we have a two-fold advantage of a laser which saves 40% cornea compared to most others and using a special kit which saves 90 microns more or performing bladeless EpiLASIK. However, if you can send us the exact pachymetry (corneal thickness) or the topography maps and reports that you may have, it will enable us to know which procedure is more suitable for your eyes.

For high power I have, what do you recommend and whether 100% correction can be obtained post laser and will I need any glasses after the procedure?

We can answer the part of suitability for your eyes only when our doctor has examined you. However, in all the patients we have done, whether EpiLASIK or LASIK, we achieve what we aim for.

What percentage of patients do you turn away?

We decline patients for LASIK if they are found unsuitable for the procedure due to:

  1. High refraction beyond limits of laser- alternatives like ICL are explored
  2. Severe dry eye which would need treatment first
  3. Keratoconus or any abnormality found during the eye check which deems them unfit. You will appreciate that there cannot be a fixed percentage for this.
  4. However, important is that if LASIK is not found suitable, we do explore other procedures which may benefit more.

Which technique will be better suited for patients with dry eyes? I suffer from dry eyes and have to use lubricating eye drops and gel on a daily basis. The degree of dryness has not been investigated here in London. What is the best procedure in this instant and is she more prone to complications or infections post surgery due to dry eyes?

Dry eyes need to be examined before LASIK. If one does LASIK on a pre existing condition like dry eyes, yes, the dryness can get aggravated. However, many centres do not do a detailed analysis of this prior to LASIK. If we find you having dry eye from our quantitative tests and qualitative Tests like Schirmers and TBUT (Tear Break Up Time),

What percentage of patients have you treated that now have 6/6 or so called ’20-20’ vision?

You will appreciate that the queries you have asked relate to statistics (eg. How many/ what percent, etc) and one cannot have a single statistic unless they have stopped working! These will keep changing. Hence we do not have a copy of any general answers other than on our FAQ’s which we keep updating,

I have high numbers, which treatment is applicable?

We can treat numbers as high as -12.00 D but even say ‘no’ to smaller numbers as the suitability for LASIK is not just dependent on numbers alone.

Is there any danger which can lead to squint or blurriness or losing of eyesight?

Loss of sight has never been faced in our Center. We are very strict about not only our protocols, using complete disposable kits and tight infection control; we also use very sensitive tools which help us screen the candidates thoroughly.

If I was to undergo LASIK at your clinic, how long (max period) would I have to stay for in Bombay (I live in London)? I know there is a check-up the next day, after a week and after one month. What do most overseas patients do and what would you recommend?

Most overseas patients are in Mumbai for about 5 days from the time they undergo their check up. We plan better so that they arrive a day earlier to the procedure date for the check up and hence are in Mumbai for at least 3 days after LASIK. Up to 7 days is ideal.

We usually perform LASIK on Wednesdays and Saturdays and therefore better to see us a day earlier. Do write to us before you finalize the tickets to ensure availability of Dr Shroff.

How long will the examination procedure take?

Up to 2 hrs or more depending on the time taken by your eyes to dilate. You cannot self drive the day of the check up as your eyes are dilated.

How soon would the test results be available after a thorough examination is done?

Immediately after the check up Dr Anand Shroff will inform you if you are fit for this procedure.

Will I be able to get rid of my glasses completely?

That is our aim too. The only thing that we prepare our patients for is the event of needing a touch up or retreatment as they call it. This is sometimes because, in spite of having done our best and taken all predictable objectives, we still cannot predict wound healing.

Can I have both eyes operated upon at the same time?

This is what we recommend. It has been demonstrated in several large, clinical studies that LASIK results and safety are identical whether the procedure is performed on both eyes simultaneously versus one eye at a time. Most patients elect to have both eyes operated upon the same day out of convenience, less time out of work, and avoiding imbalance between the two eyes.

Any instructions for people who wear contact lenses?

Yes, if you wear soft contact lenses, we prefer you to take them out 3 (three) days prior to your initial evaluation in order to obtain an accurate reading for the topography test. For soft or soft toric contact lenses, you need to take them out 3 days prior to the laser procedure as well. If you wear rigid gas permeable studies show that 3 or more weeks are necessary for the eye to stabilize. In these cases, we try to put our patients on soft disposable lenses for 3 to 4 weeks and then reevaluate after 3 days with no contact lenses.

How many times do I need to visit you for the LASIK surgery, in total with the consultation?

We definitely need to see you on the next day of the LASIK procedure. Many from out of town also fly the same evening or the next day. However, if in Mumbai we see you again after 7 to 10 days. If not, the follow up check is planned according to your convenience. You will require an annual eye checkup which can be done in your own city / country.

Would Dr. Shroff personally conduct the eye-tests along with the surgery?

Yes, and that is one of the reasons that we have excellent results.

At what stage would the strength of our vision be determined e.g. 20/20? Is it right after surgery or can this be determined prior?

You are asked to come for a check the very next day, wherein you will be examined for healing and 20/20 vision. In very few patients healing takes longer, sometimes weeks. A simple check determines if there is any number that needs fine tuning or enhancement.

How predictable will my results be, percentage wise? (I.e. 90% chance of 20/20)

Greater than 99% of patients haven’t required an enhancement. Less than 1% we do free of charge in the first year of treatment. None have lost any lines of vision, which means that if they were seeing 20/20 with glasses or lenses, then they are seeing 20/20 if not better today after LASIK.

Can patients wear contacts after having LASIKor in my case, will my corneas be too flat?

Corneas will become regular after LASIK, so soft contact lenses can be worn if required. Coloured lenses usually after 1 month of the procedure.

Have you treated someone with a high cylindrical error as mine?

We have treated up to -6D cylinders with great result!

Will it be safe to travel home by train after treatment?

Yes, it is safe, but depends on how comfortable you are doing this immediately after the procedure. If this travel involves out of town travel, then please take time and read our patients experiences especially those travelling from abroad, as most of them travel from Day 2 or 3 of procedure. Means of transport do not matter. Your instructions remain the same whichever city you go to regarding eye drops and not rubbing your eyes.

What am I actually getting for the fees or so – consultation, treatment and two visits after?

Which category of LASIK you fit in can only be answered after your check up. What you get is included in the current fee card which is sent as an email with the relevant attachments. The surgery includes immediate eye drops and medications required for your first week, a pair of protective eye wear and your post LASIK checkups up till three months are included free of charge to you. For the first year any ‘touch up’ or ‘fine tuning’ required is also free of charges.

Can LASIK be done for anyone who is below 18 years in age?

LASIK is usually recommended when the powers are stable. We expect the powers to change when the height of the person is increasing. Knowing that until 18 years of age, this anatomic growth can take place, we avoid LASIK.

I have been told that I have dry eye and that I cannot do LASIK?

Yes, dry eyes if severe need to be treated before considering any laser procedure. Hence the need to be seen by an expert who will not just diagnose the dry eye issue but classify or grade it, as mild dry eye, moderate or severe with a scoring.

Which laser eye surgery procedure is best for me?

When you visit Dr Anand Shroff, our LASIK surgeon, he will examine you and guide you better regarding your suitable treatment.

How long will laser eye surgery take?

The total time for the procedure is less than 5 minutes per eye considering that the Concerto Laser we use is the world’s fastest laser; actual laser time is in seconds. The actual laser time is 0.4 seconds multiplied by your spectacle number.

Do you treat both eyes at the same time?

Yes, as it heals better and because this is a superficial treatment which does not ‘enter’ the eye like in a cataract surgery where one eye at a time is done.

Will you be offering my follow-up care?

Yes. You need to visit us the next day, once again at your convenience. Other follow ups only if in the country are required.

As per your mail pre-procedure evaluation will be done by Dr. Anand Shroff. Who will carry out the Surgery?

Dr Anand Shroff not only performs the procedures himself, but also the pre LASIK checks where we collect your data for the wavefront treatments.

Do majority of the patients opt for Lasik or EpiLasik (No-cut)? Unless majority of the patients opt for Epilasik, how do we ensure its post-surgery results? Will Epilasik gives better eye sight than Lasik?

This is usually not an option, that patients decide, unless they were to join Army / Navy etc where LASIK is disallowed.

We would like to know if we can conceive within 3 months after this surgery. Or will it have any adverse effect?

Yes, this should not be an issue. LASIK has no long term effects that affect pregnancy. It is sometimes that pregnancy hormones can affect immediate healing, so we usually advise to try conception after this immediate period of about 6-8 weeks is over.

How many days we need to be in Mumbai for post-surgery checkups.

Usually, if planned well, LASIK done on Saturday, you may leave India on Monday/ Tuesday.

If I get LASIK done at this age, how will it impact the success of using an IOL when I have cataract in old-age?

We have treated many cases of cataract who have done LASIK in their past.
This does not affect the steps of the procedure. The only thing is to inform your eye surgeon of the history of LASIK done as today cataract treatment is not just about treating the cataracts alone but also about treating the powers of the eyes to be least dependent or completely free from glasses after cataract surgery, hence there is an adjustment needed in the calculation of the IOL power.

I have had slight increase in my prescription while my sister has had a reduction in her prescription. Does this affect the likelihood of successful 20/20 vision? Do the cylindrical numbers affect the success of the surgery? For how long do the numbers have to be stable before the surgery?

Change in prescription is in the range which is acceptable. The change in powers within 0.75D is fine, so long as we do not find any abnormality (this again is checked up by Dr Shroff). Also, the usual cause of this increase is due to long hours on the PC.

Are there any precautions that we need to take before attending the clinic such as not wearing contact lenses or using any particular eye drops etc?

Not on eye drops etc. but no contact lenses (soft) for at least 3 days prior to check up.

My brother and I have taken iso tretinoin to treat acne. He took the medication last year and I completed the treatment this February. We are otherwise fit and health and have no other health problems other than dry eyes. Will this impact the surgery at all?

Sometimes, taking hormonal medication for acne for long term (not Isoretinoin) can cause a change in cornea, causing shift in powers.

My number has increased by 0.25 in the last year. Would this have any bearing on his intention to do Lasik?

No, this will not. Do not be surprised if your numbers too may be found different when we examine ourselves as well! Upto 0.75 D is acceptable as a change due to human factor as no person checks their powers with the same center, same doctor etc.

Why are there only 6 in the world? I have found one the Netherlands, one by a Japanese surgeon in Tokyo, one in Yorkshire Northern England, and I do not know where the others are

Probably Zurich, Cologne, Kuwait, Mexico City, Helsinki.

What is the worst case scenario and what can be done to help?

Our worst case scenario is to mentally prepare yourself that LASIK can happen in two steps. Our aim is to achieve 20/20 if not better. We manage this in a single step in over 99.6% patients, others we do it in two steps. This is called retreatment.

Is it possible to have the laser treatment now and sometime in the future still be able to have IOL if I decide, or does one preclude the other?

Yes, even today the IOL surgery has changed, not so much for the surgery part, but for the implants used. Today we can offer multifocal lens implants for patients of cataract and even the same for people with glasses over the age of 50 years even if they do not have a cataract.

What is monovision LASIK?

Over 40 years of age everyone gets reading glasses, no one is exempt of it. Some people get this ‘plus’ or ‘reading glasses’ after 50 years, hence this depends from person to person, different race, hereditary factors etc. But all get it at some point, if this happens after 40 years it is an acceptable natural change in the optics of your eyes, called ‘Presbyopia’.

I am on medication for TSH (Thyroid) imbalance. So am I eligible for the treatment?

Our refractive consultant will be doing specific tests for LASIK to check the effect of the thyroid problem and its medications on the eyes such as dryness, Glaucoma, Proptosis, changing numbers etc. In the absence of which you may undergo the procedure, if found suitable for the same.

Can you honestly tell me if this is something I should pursue because I’ve been miserable with my eyes for years now and I just want to be free from all the eyestrain, the contacts, the glasses. I just don’t want to pursue this without some certainty that it has some predictability and will most likely have a positive outcome. Ultimately, I just want an honest, professional answer on whether or not this is for me.

If after our detailed checkup we find that you are a good candidate for the procedure, you will do very well. However, with just numbers being sent to us to decide via e mail is difficult as you will appreciate that it will be general responses until the time that we have examined you ourselves. We do not take any chances and do not recommend the procedure to anyone whom we are doubtful of results.

I am having presbyopia, is IOL an alternative to (LASIK + Reading Glasses)?

This can be best answered after your eye examination with Dr Shroff. But yes, those in the older age group, usually in their 50′s are advised a lens implant procedure as it is more likely that they are closer to getting a cataract at their age and also because the newer advanced lens implants also help in reading without needing glasses for most tasks which LASIK will not help with.

What tests will you do to evaluate whether I am suitable?

Usually the LASIK specific tests are Pachymetry (corneal thickness), Topography, Aberrometry, Dry Eye evaluation, Pupil size check for dim light conditions, besides the regular checks for the health of your eyes.

Please ensure that you have removed your soft contact lenses 3-4 days prior to or semi-soft [rigid] contact lenses at least 3 weeks prior to the procedure date.
Do refrain from wearing any form of eye make-up for 2 days before the procedure. If possible thoroughly clean the eyelids and lashes of remnants of eye make-up.

What To Expect Post Procedure:

On the day of surgery your eyes may burn, sting and have excessive tears.
You may feel a foreign body sensation in the operated eye(s) for the next 12 hours.
Your vision may fluctuate slightly over the next 2 months (especially with reading or using a computer).
You may initially notice loss of detail at night with glare and starbursts.

What percentage of your patients had side effects for the first 2-3 months post surgery?

If you have seen our advantages of using the ‘Concerto’ you will find that we have listed ‘no night vision problems’ which is haloes, glares etc,

Why should I not wash my eyes with water after a laser procedure? Also, it sometimes stings my eyes.

It is not only after a laser procedure, but a general principle not to wash your eyes. Yes, some may think that this is contradictory to what they have grown up hearing about. Even if the water is pure and not tap water, it does not have the same salt concentration as the tears that bathe your eyes. As a result, water is irritating to the eye.

I had my LASIK surgery 30 days ago. I can see everything ok. But my vision is cloudy and not crisp like it was with my lenses. Should I be worried? How long is it going to take before my clarity comes back. Also left is not as sharp as my right eye.

The vision usually clears to be functional within a few days after LASIK. Both eyes also do not heal at the same time. Maximum healing time is seen to be anywhere up to 3 months (usually) and in very few cases even 6 months.

What are the chances of developing any of the following side effects (and for how long) post LASIK treatment:- List of issues:

(I have gone through your website which says there would be no side effects, still I keep meeting people who complain of some form of side effect at the least)

With 0 .4% that do not get 20/20 vision, do they get it after the second treatment, are there any patient whose eyes are left damaged or unhealed etc?

When I meant 0.4% do not get 20/20, I meant in the first attempt, with re treatment they achieve this as well. None of our patients have had any permanent damage to their eyes. We choose the patients very carefully. If you are not seeing 20/20 before LASIK, then it may not improve.

I am planning to go to a village after my treatment, will this be ok with the long bumpy journeys, dust and dirt etc?

Yes, many do this. As long as you are careful and wear protective sunglasses in dusty areas and use the eye drops as told. Bumps are not good for the retina although it does nothing to the LASIK process done.

Can I travel within India on a holiday immediately after LASIK?

Yes, as I said above you can travel anywhere after 3 days of the procedure, go on a nice vacation WITHOUT glasses! Usually, most people prefer to do the LASIK procedure before their vacation, so that they may enjoy the same.

What precautions do I need to take and what activities should I not do after LASIK on my trip?

The precautions are fairly simple and would be similar to all irrespective of LASIK done. The fear is of catching an eye infection. The first week after LASIK you will be on eye drops which are antibiotics so that aspect is anyways taken care of. However, some general and basic rules of hygiene such as not rubbing your eyes with unclean hands, carrying a hand sanitizer to keep the hands clean etc helps.

The only make up I do is an eye make-up, is there a restriction here?

This need to be avoided for about a week to 10 days since the eye drops are also being used and the eyes are still healing

What advice do you give re-washing eyes and wearing dark glasses – how long for?

Dark glasses are not meant only for discomfort with light. It is given as a protective eye wear for first 6 hours so that you do not rub your eyes.

Is there a temporary loss of vision i.e. blackout during the procedure?

When instruments come in and out of your vision, at times you do not see the green light we ask you to focus on. When the microkeratome is also applied for a few seconds you cannot see the focus light.

‘Black out’ sounds more like unconsciousness which it is not. In our centre the procedure is very smooth and soothing. There are no shocks or surprises. Dr Shroff is in conversation with you throughout to make you feel comfortable during the process.

Rubbing of the eyes: Once the initial recovery period is over – say 1 month, it is but natural that we would be touching our eyes (washing, using eye makeup, threading…), swimming and rub them when they itch sometimes. E.g. sometimes, when the wind blows, a few strands of our hair can get into our eye. Would all that be ok and normal rubbing as long as it’s not such vigorous rubbing? If Lasik is meant to give us a new pair of eyes, it should not affect in the sense that our eyes should still be normal and healthy eyes after the 1st month, right? How quickly does the flap heal?

The corneal flap heals overnight. Then it takes vigorous amount of rubbing to displace it, which most are careful about. We have never seen a case of displaced flap. We also give protective eye wear for the immediate post procedure period.

Rest, you can wash your face, gently clean the eyes from the next day itself. In some, microscopic healing goes on for a couple of weeks.

Should coloured contact lenses be avoided for at least the first 6 months?

The doctor will guide you after the procedure. However, on average, 3 months is fine using a good quality coloured lens.

After the one month visit, when is the next visit? 3 months? In the case where patients live overseas, what happens and where would they carry out routine checkups – at the opticians or with an eye surgeon/ophthalmologist at a clinic?

Our overseas patients visit their optometrist at the end of 3 to 6 months and definitely as their annual visit, nothing special.

What happens if someone has cataract later in life? I understand patients who’ve had Lasik can still be treated for cataract?

All you need to do is inform the cataract doctor who will need to calculate the power of the lens to be implanted accordingly. The cataract surgery itself does not differ.

What is the worst case scenario?

Again differs from centre to centre. In our centre we have the longest experience with wavefront-guided LASIK in India. We have one of the most advanced technologies in the first and only eye hospital in India to be given JCI accreditation.

Someone mentioned that after pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, her number came back and therefore it is better to do LASIK after having kids. Does that happen in certain cases?

Hormones not only in pregnancy but sometimes even higher doses due to hormonal imbalance like in hirsuitism etc can lead to slightly fluctuating numbers.

No rubbing/ knuckling or touching the eyes – for how long? Is it just the 1st week or the first month?

No touching the eyes for the first day, we give you a protective eye wear to help you through with that. No vigorous rubbing for a month, but you can gently clean and touch your eyes, rub the corners gently from the next day.

What happens if we accidentally touch and/or rub the eye(s)?

If you just touch and it does not scratch the cornea, its fine, but if your eyes are open and it scratches the cornea, it can disturb the healing process. We advise you to wear the protective wear in the first 6 hours during which time the flap heals. After that it takes a vigorous amount of rubbing to displace what we have done.

I understand that hair should be washed the on the day of surgery and then not until after the next 48hrs. How soon after the surgery can we wash our eyes, face? I believe a shower can be taken the next day itself?

The logic is the same, as shampoo entering the eyes can lead to an urge to rub the eyes hard, hence avoided for 2-3 days. The face may be washed the next day itself.

What if water gets into the eyes?

The water may sting your eyes as it would even otherwise. It is however, not a good idea to purposefully wash your eyes or splash water in your eyes. It is questionable that tap water is free from bacteria. It also washes away your natural tears which protect your eyes.

How soon after the surgery can one have a facial?

After about 10 to 15 days, keeping in mind to tell them not to rub over the eyes.

How soon after the surgery can one start applying mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, eye cream/mask? What is the maximum time we would have to wait for? I need to be sure that I will definitely be able to carry on applying eye makeup etc as normal. I know that none of these should be worn for at least 2 days prior to LASIK but was not sure what happens thereafter.

You may start all these after about 10 -15 days with makeup you were using earlier to be sure that it is not allergic to your eyes.

How long do we have to refrain from the gym? I understand that swimming and other physical / contact sports must be avoided for at least a month.

Gym may be started after 2-3 days where you can use treadmills, exercise equipment, but no sauna or steam till about 15-20 days or so. The eyes may be sensitive to some aerosols or aroma oils.

How soon after the surgery can we start watching TV, reading, using PC?

Next day itself. However for a week like mentioned earlier, it may be in short spans and moderate work.

Recovery period: From what I read, it only takes few days to a week/10 days, but it’s best to take care for up to a month. I guess it depends from person to person.

Yes, on an average most people recover after a week to 10 days. Some take longer, even up to about 6 weeks.

When should i come for routine checkup next. (I was checked on the next day of procedure and approx. 10 days afterwards.)

Anytime before 3 months from the procedure is good.

What general precautions should i take in order to prevent any number coming back again? especially cylindrical power?

The most important being taking care when on the computers and using the computer glasses prescribed. If not taken this prescription from us on the next visit and until then make sure that you are taking frequent breaks when using the PC.

Can I rub my eyes?

Gently, yes. However do refrain from rubbing eyes in general as even in absence of having done LASIK it is known to be a contributing factor to changing the shape of the cornea.

Will I need glasses after LASIK?

If thoroughly evaluated and performed in the right candidate with the latest technology, patients who have LASIK do not generally require glasses for most activities. However, patients who are over the age of forty must wear reading glasses after LASIK (if both eyes were corrected for clear distance vision).

What about the health of my eyes 20 or 30 years from now?

LASIK has been performed since 1991 and its safety is established. Twenty year follow-up data are not available. Still, the likelihood of delayed problems is extremely low. LASIK is a variant of lamellar surgery, which has been performed for 50 years, and these patients have not been noted to develop late problems.

Do the eyes get more sensitive to light than before – e.g. glare of the sun? How long does this last for?

This is only for the first day and probably very bright sunlight for a week (which happens to all people). Hence you must use good UV-protective sun wear for a few days after LASIK which is any case a good habit for the eyes to prevent UV damage.

Can I drive home immediately after the surgery?

No, you will need a designated driver! For the first couple of hours your eyes will be sensitive to light and the vision blurred, so you should wear the special dark glasses that we provide.

What percentage of your patients requires follow-up treatment such as enhancement?

Less than 0.3% currently (2012-13)

How long will it take for my eyesight to return to normal?

This depends from person to person, usually heals in 7 to 10 days, upper limit 3 months.

I am suffering from Glauocma, can I still consider LASIK?

We have treated many cases with history of Glaucoma for their powers by doing LASIK. The important thing here is for you to know your visual expectation.

Does ‘crying’ affect the LASIK outcome?

In some cases, crying has not resulted in any harm, in some it has as below.

Any rubbing of the eyes immediately after LASIK can pose a risk to the ‘flap’ which has been taken. The risk is basically either in the form of creating folds, wrinkles or displacement of the same.

Will this require any examination and possible treatment considering the fact that I am based out of Bangalore and cannot travel to Mumbai frequently?

We treat patients from over 96 countries and most from these places cannot revisit us. This is the reason we have a high performance laser like to Concerto to get us accuracy in results.

If planned well, you need no more than 4-5 days in Mumbai.

I am in front of the computer for long hours. So, lately my number has increased a little. After the surgery, are there chances of my number increasing?

Most of our patients are computer users for many hours. Yes, you will be able to work well. For the first few days you may feel a bit of strain, which will settle. However, to avoid getting a shift in getting any number you will be taught how to sit correctly in front of the PC. There is more about this on our website about Computer Vision Syndrome.

After the surgery, when could I return back to work? Can I also start working extensively on computers?

The reason why most of our fixed days are Saturdays is to help patients get back to work on Monday. Yes, you can use the computers on Monday itself for your routine regular amount of time.

For the first week, you may need to go a bit easy by taking frequent breaks, will need to use the eye drops we prescribe at least 4 times a day.

How soon can I get back to work? I’ll be getting the thin flap lasik done on Saturday.

Great. You can look forward to joining as early as Monday, (with one days rest on Sunday).

How many days can I expect to stay in Mumbai?

We usually advise you to reach at least a day before the procedure so that the evaluation and examination can be done. This examination procedure takes about an hour in our office and the only important instruction you need to follow is to be off soft contact lenses for about a week before the examination and off hard or semi soft contact lenses for about 3 weeks.

Do I need any follow up when I leave your country and reach my hometown?

Like I said above you can travel anywhere after 3 days of the procedure and need not be seen by us again unless convenient to you. You will be asked to follow up in your own city and we give you a detailed report of the same. Usually the follow up need not be done at an eye surgeon as a consultation, but just a routine examination with an optometrist in your city, that too after 3 months of the procedure.

How does humidity and dry environment affect my eyes

This does not affect the LASIK outcome, but for better recovery initially in the first 3-4 months we do advise using lubricating eye drops or artificial tears.

My eyes are very sensitive – like I can’t stand bright light or even bright sunlight (my eyes starts paining and watering immediately), they are so sensitive that even can’t stand a cut onion ! – In this case would it be safe to have use laser, what are the chances that i would get a HALO effect or night vision problems after performing such procedure?

The reason for sensitivity needs to be determined. Some eyes are sensitive ‘subjectively’ with nothing wrong. Some have an underlying allergy. This will be dealt with during your examination with Dr Anand.However, to ease your mind, during the LASIK process, eye drops which anaesthetize your eyes are used, hence you will be comfortable during the process.

What exactly are the other vision problems removed by the wavefront technique?

Higher order aberrations, decreased contrast, haloes, glares.

Is the night vision & cylindrical power also taken care off? I had a colleague of mine, who had done this surgery about a year back, complaining of scattered night vision.

Yes, the cylindrical errors up to 6 are treatable. In our experience with the laser technology we use, the Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz system,

For how long roughly do we have to put all the various drops initially? I believe a week?

You are given a kit containing antibiotic and anti inflammatory eye drops to be used for a week only. Lubricating eye drops are used for a month or two, after which it is need-based.

Do eyes feel very dry after surgery? Although, this varies from person to person, how long could this last for (max period)?

We check every patient for dryness before the surgery (during your LASIK evaluation). If you have severely dry eyes, LASIK is discouraged until the dryness is treated. If the dryness is mild, EpiLASIK is the choice.

Is the sensitivity very uncomfortable? Does it hurt? How long does this last for?

Your eyes may water or burn. You may feel a poking and pricking sensation for only a few hours after LASIK, between 2 hours to 6 hours. Keep your eyes closed for most of those hours or ‘sleep it out’.

Do eyes get tired /strained easily after LASIK, e.g. after long hours on computer, or out till late?

This happens for most only in the first week or two. Hence our advice is to get back to work, but work with frequent short few second breaks between computer uses. This feeling of eye strain is sometimes described by patients to be the kind that people get when they have change of spectacle number and they have to get used to a new pair of glasses.

Do Floaters affect the eligibility or outcome of LASIK?

LASIK is performed on the cornea which is a superficial part of the eye. The floaters exist in the vitreous (inner part of the eye) and hence no laser surgery on the eye can help the floaters. LASIK can be performed if you have no other indication which deems you unfit. However, one must keep in mind that the floaters may not improve after LASIK and if they worsen, it again has no link to this procedure.

Since, I am used to head bath every day, hence, after how many days could I go for a head bath? Is one supposed to wear sun glasses for a long period?

You are advised to avoid hair bath for two days post LASIK, but a body bath can be taken the next day itself. This is a precaution to avoid the chance of having shampoo enter your eye and make you rub or itch hard.

The sunglasses are also eye protection form dust and wind (foreign particles) in the first week when your eyes are still healing. After that we hope it becomes a habit to wear good sun wear for UV protection.