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Puffy Eyes

What is it?

If bags appear under the eyes, and there is a mild swelling, the problem is of puffy eyes. The scientific term for this is ‘Periorbital Puffiness’.

What are the symptoms?

The puffiness under the eyes is usually caused by excessive fluid buildup in the skin around the eyes. It is also accompanied with dark circles around the eyes and saggy or loose skin.

Causes for Puffy eyes?

There are various other reasons for puffy eyes, but the most common ones include stress, allergic reactions, crying, hormone changes and even aging. However, the most well known cause of puffy eyes is sleep deprivation or oversleeping as well.

How to treat Puffy eyes?

The most well-known remedies for puffy eyes are cosmetic. Applying cucumber slices on both eyelids is known to reduce puffiness. Physicians also recommend changing to a low-carb diet. Low carb diets can prevent water retention and this in turn reduces puffiness.

Surgery is rarely necessary for puffy eyes since it is usually a temporary problem.

How to prevent Puffy eyes?

Sometimes the most simple and harmless reason for puffy eyes is gravity! Fluid distribution around your eyes may not be even if the way you sleep is abnormal. Sometimes, the eyes are puffy after you have woken up, but this should not be a cause for concern as it can be cured by simply washing your face or applying eye cream.

Even simply changing your sleeping position (the level your head rests while sleeping) can prevent puffy eyes.