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Shroff Eye Hospital is India's First Eye Hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (USA) since 2006. Shroff Eye is also India's first and only Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz LASIK center. Shroff Eye has stood for excellence in eye care since 1919. A firm commitment to quality is at the heart of all services provided at our centers at Bandra(W) and Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Healthcare Articles
  • Advances In Eye Care

    The commonest eye problems that we face as we age are Age Related Macular Degeneration and Cataract. Even today, there are few who know of the advances that science has made in these two fields.

  • What is Avastin

    In wet Age Related Macular Degeneration [ARMD], since there are leakages which have to be sealed, it needs to be treated. Earlier the recommendation was ARGON laser treatment or PDT (Photodynamic therapy) which did not give desired results.


    The common reasons why people undergo LASIK/ laser eye surgery include contact lens allergies and lifestyle activities that are inhibited due to glasses.

  • What are Bifocals

    Bifocal glasses are necessary for people who have presbyopia (a condition caused by aging of the eyes) in addition to myopia, hyperopia (also called hypermetropia) and/or astigmatism.

  • Can i change the color of my eyes?

    Tempting as it may sound, there is no permanent laser or any other procedure to change the colour of the iris, and if at all, it is done by destroying the natural colour or pigment of your eyes, with no idea of what its long term complications or side effects could be!

  • Cataract

    Modern cataract surgery begins with a very small incision. Dr Shroff uses a technique allowing incision size to be decreased to less than 2 mm. These small incisions seal themselves immediately after surgery and heal over the following few weeks.

  • Diabetics

    If you have diabetes you should know that you are more vulnerable to eye diseases like cataracts, retinopathy and blindness. Several factors influence whether you get retinopathy.

  • Dry Eye

    Dry eye syndrome, Dry eye syndrome causes, cure and treatment in Mumbai.
    Dry Eye is a collection of symptoms that make up an eye condition that stems from an imbalance in the quantity or quality of tears bathing the eye.

  • Wavefront LASIK

    The world of ophthalmology [optical and medical care of the eyes] is one of the fastest evolving fields of medicine. A host of new procedures such as LASIK now offers millions of people the opportunity to see without the use of glasses or contact lenses.

  • Multifocal Implant Surgery

    We perform the most advanced lens implant surgery, similar to the cataract surgery which in lay man terms is called ‘Laser surgery’ although the true medical term is ‘Phaco emulsification’. The common person calls it laser cataract surgery because of ‘no stitches’.

  • Myopia

    Myopia or nearsightedness is an eye disorder that, in simple terms, causes difficulty in seeing objects at a distance clearly. On the other hand, it also means that close-by objects can be seen clearly and easily.

  • What is Photochromic Lens

    Recent advances in the cataract procedure have made it a day-care, painless procedure. Equally fast have been the developments in the intraocular lenses [IOLs] implanted in the eye after cataract removal.

  • Posner Schlossman Syndrome

    Synonyms and related keywords:glaucomatocyclitic crisis, secondary inflammatory glaucoma
    Background: Glaucomatocyclitic crisis is a condition with self-limited recurrent episodes of markedly elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) with mild inflammation. It most often is classified as secondary inflammatory glaucoma.

  • Uveitis

    Uveitis is an inflammation of the inside of the eye, specifically the layer of the eye called the uvea [comprising of the iris, ciliary body and the choroid].

  • Glaucoma

    Half of those suffering damage from the eye condition ‘Glaucoma’ do not know it!
    “Just like your Blood Pressure is checked regularly, the Intra Ocular Pressure or IOP should be checked for every person undergoing an eye examination to screen for an eye condition called ‘Glaucoma’ since it can occur in the absence of any symptoms.

  • Contact Lens related problems

    A contact lens wearer who presents with conjunctival irritation and associated symptoms – such as itching, burning or tearing – may be suffering from any one of a number of conditions (such as allergy) of which the lenses may not be the primary cause.

  • Care of eyes during examinations

    For students: The most important reason why most students come to us is headaches and eye strain. This could be because of a probable spectacle number. But most of the times these symptoms are aggravated during school or college examinations.

  • Cataract Myths

    A cataract occurs when there is a clouding of the natural lens inside your eye. True. Because this lens works just like the lens of a camera, a clouded lens will keep light and images from reaching the retina, which sends images to your brain. This is the reason that a cataract causes sharp images to become blurry, bright colors to become dull, and seeing at night more difficult.

  • Cataract in new born babies and children

    Some cataracts are present at birth (called congenital cataracts), and others develop during the first few months or years of life. Some cataracts are hereditary, and others due to metabolic or systemic abnormalities. In many cases, the cause is unknown. In the older child, cataracts are often related to injuries or ocular inflammation related to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Clear vision for aging eyes minus reading glasses

    As we grow older, many start to experience failing vision. But a path breaking new lens matched with an established procedure is helping to restore clear vision.

  • Computer eye glasses

    Computer vision syndrome is one of the more common and on-the-rise eye problems today mostly due to the increased usage and dependency on computers. We use computers for various purposes – work, studying, entertainment, networking etc.

  • Computer eye strain or irritation

    With the correct eye care program that includes eye exercises, and proper diet and supplementation, you can significantly effect and even improve your vision.

  • Contact lens buying guide

    The contact lens has joined other products as a personal care item which has become more comfortable and convenient than before. They offer the freedom from glasses for most people, most age groups and for almost any situation. When cared for properly, contact lenses can provide a healthy and comfortable vision.

  • Contact lens nightmares

    The disposable contact lens has become a personal care item with a very short life. But do not assume that disposable contact lenses are worry-free just because they’re so convenient. Any lens can become contaminated and cause eye damage.

  • DGCA requirements for vision in pilots

    Candidates for initial issue medical examination having corneal / congenital lenticular opacities which are non-progressive and do not interfere with vision may be considered fit for flying duties.

  • The do’s and don’ts of eye medication

    Correct use of medication can dramatically increase the success rate of treatment. Not taking medication or changing your regimen without consulting your doctor can lead to ineffective treatment and in some cases even visual loss. It is crucial to follow the medical routine prescribed by one’s physician.

  • Diabetes and your diet

    (I) How to manage diabetes if you have it?

    (2) How to prevent diabetes if you are prone to it?

  • Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy

    The past two decades have seen an explosive increase in the incidence of diabetes mellitus worldwide, making it one of the most common non-communicable diseases today. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were an estimated 135 million diabetics in the world in 2000, and this number is expected to increase to 300 million by 2025.

  • Diwali safe celebrations

    As medical experts point out, blasting sounds caused by firecrackers that send the decibel levels soaring, can permanently damage eardrums and cause hearing impairment.
    With a combined effort from the Government and the people of our city we should regulate the supply of fire crackers and explosives to the market, stop the sale of the most dangerous types of fireworks to consumers and thus avoid accidents which are life and sight threatening to our children.