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Shroff Eye Hospital is India's First Eye Hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (USA) since 2006. Shroff Eye is also India's first and only Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz LASIK center. Shroff Eye has stood for excellence in eye care since 1919. A firm commitment to quality is at the heart of all services provided at our centers at Bandra(W) and Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Specific Eye Exercises for convergence insufficiency

Specific Eye Exercises for Convergence Insufficiency to strengthen eye muscles (similar to physiotherapy for the eyes)

Pencil-Push Test

Keep a pen or pencil at arms length in the line of vision between the two eyes. Slowly bring the pencil towards the nose. Focus should be on the tip of the pencil. As you bring the pencil closer, the image becomes double at one point. Stop at this point and again take the pencil away to arms length. Repeat this step.

Aim is to bring the point of convergence closer to the eyes and to maintain the single image at its last point. Try to hold the image where it is last seen as a single image. Slowly with improvement, the point of seing this image as a single image starts getting closer to the eyes.

(If you have glasses or spectacles, this exercise is done using the same)

Specific exercises to improve vision (Vision Therapy)

Indicated for children with amblyopia or lazy eye

(Done by covering/ patching the good eye and doing the tests with the weaker eye using their glasses)

Solve mazes

  • Segregate coloured beads or different coloured daals (grains)
  • Letter striking. Give a paragraph from a magazine or newspaper to strike any specific alphabet example strike out g,m etc.
  • Connect the dots
  • Find the difference between two pictures